security community for women in Taiwan.

We are a group of women explorers who are taking adventure in the world of information security!

HG's goals

HITCON GIRLS is an all-female information security community. To propagate the idea of “Everyone can learn about information security!”, we aim to gather all the women who are interested and willing to take a deep dive into the knowledge and techniques to join the community.

We form study groups with various subjects for encouraging our members to overcome the difficulties through learning and share their knowledge in the community. Our mission is to create an inspiring and encouraging environment for women to learn information security, and to increase the inclusivity in the tech industry.

HG's structure

HITCON GIRLS is consist of two units:

Administrative team

Here are what the administrative team do:
- Organization administration
- Events and activities planning
- Financial and sponsorship managing
- Facilities service
- Communicating and coordinating with members
The most important mission of the administrative team is to “make sure the organization is alive and active!

Study Group

The world of information security includes various subjects. We set up numbers of study groups according to the interested subjects of our members in every period cycle. Each group usually operates independently and organizes internal sharing sessions in normal time. In every month, we hold a joint study session to exchange and share knowledge between different groups. In addition to focusing on a specific subject, we believe it’s important to absorb various knowledge as well.

HG's study group

Web PT

Web PT group, members are learning :
- penetration testing techniques in web
- find out how to attack and defend
All the topics in web security are interested! This is the largest group by now. (*´>д<)


Malware analysis

Malware analysis group, memebrs are learning:
- Malware analysis (statistic analysis and dynamic analysis)
- Analysis tools
- Analysis roadmap



CTF group, aim to participate in CTF games, including diverse topics. This team participates CTF games periodically.
What we need is the flag!



We learn for any aspects of security without limit.




Birds of a Feather ( 簡稱 BoF ),語意上是指鳥類會與相同類型的鳥群一起飛翔,之後衍伸為讓志同道合的人們聚集在一起或舉辦非正式聚會。 HITCON GIRLS 在這次活動中,非常榮幸的邀請到了韓國 BoB 的數位鑑識團隊成員 Dasom Kim 、趨勢科技前瞻資安威脅研究員 Fyodor 和全球核心技術部資安研究員 Aaron 來一起分享他們在資安圈中擔任的特別角色與他們寶貴的工作經驗,希望能吸引對資安有興趣的夥伴們一起參加這次的聚會!

資安萌芽推廣 - 青少年資安暑期營

資訊安全與你我的生活息息相關,你/妳在玩線上遊戲、瀏覽網頁或是點選臉書心理測驗的同時,網路到底傳送哪些資料出去呢?有哪些需要在上網中留意的細節呢? 你/妳知道什麼是駭客嗎?駭客都是壞人嗎?而駭客世界有什麼秘密呢? 本次活動帶著你/妳一起了解駭客的思維與手法,讓我們身在資訊世代,同時也能保護自己的電腦安全! 7 月 8 日 HITCON GIRLS 的姐姐們將以淺顯、有趣的方式,帶領大家認識「資訊安全」,只要你/妳對資訊安全有興趣,即使沒有相關知識者也可參加,活動完全免費,歡迎國高中生同學踴躍報名!

Chipchat Party

突如其來的 HITCON GIRLS 活動!在命運的邂逅下,本次活動順利邀請到資安圈經歷豐富的重量級講師:Katie Moussouris、Kana Shinoda、陳怡樺(Eva Chen),以聊天座談的方式分享他們以女性角色在資安圈中發展經驗,希望可以給對資安有興趣的妳,了解資安圈中不同角色的機會。


2014 十二月 HITCON GIRLS Workshop 之後,親愛的女性夥伴們有沒有繼續學習呢?我們聽到了大家的心聲囉!因此活動後也不斷地努力、進修,從先前的課程中延伸出四大主題,鑽研學習至今,今年七月即將推出讀書會大型發表活動!一整天的發表會,早上有 「Web 組」和「事件調查組」的學習成果發表,下午為「網路安全組」和「惡意程式分析組」,鼓勵來自世界各地的女性參加!千萬不用擔心聽不懂和不敢來,活動亦是鼓勵所有女性夥伴加入我們,相信我們做得到,妳也做得到喔!


第一次的 Workshop 活動!


Q:What is the relationship between HITCON GIRLS and HITCON?

HITCON GIRLS was found by a group of women who are full of passionate to information security. These women were all members of HITCON and founded the new community under the assistance and support of HITCON. Therefore, they named this community as “HITCON GIRLS”.

Q:What is the difference between administrative team and study groups?

Please see the introduction above. The study groups concentrates on learning, technical knowledge exchanges, while the administrative team is responsible for the administration and activities planning. Both are indispensable parts of HITCON GIRLS, and also an important driving force in the community operation!

Q:I want to join the studying group

welcome and thank you for the interest. Knowledge of information security is not only a shield but also a sword, in order to prevent the abusing of these knowledge, we hold a screening interview with our recruitment. We recruit new member regularly every year. Please follow our Facebook for the latest information.

Q:Is there any requirement for joining the study group?

We do not provide any course or training. Therefore, participants need to be capable of doing self-learning and time scheduling for their study. We hope our members are all eager to learn. As long as you are bold in questioning and seeking for progress, even you are just a beginner who does not have technical background, you are welcome to join us!

Q:What does the study groups usually do?

We hold regular meeting every month. Each group take turns to get on stage and share their latest research. With this meeting, our member could learn various knowledge not limited to the selected topic of their study group. As for the meeting regulation of each study group, each study group make their own rules under the agreement and discussion of each members.

Q:I have other questions to ask, what should I do?

If you have any questions, please write to our service email: [email protected], or visit our FB fan page and leave your questions.

Q:Are there any restrictions for cooperating with HITCON GIRLS?

HITCON GIRLS is a non-profit community. We are open to invitations from educatic entities (i.e. schools or campus activities). However, since this is not our main activities, please forgive us if we could not cooperating.

Q:Is there any other way to contact HITCON GIRLS?

You are welcome to join our Facebook group page and follow our blog!



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